E-ISSN: 2958-5473 | P-ISSN: 1813-2243
DOI No: 10.58653
Vol. 11, Issue 1, 2024
Developing Online Educational Resources for Online Learning: Student Teachers’ Experiences at Muni University, Uganda




Teacher training pedagogy in the 21st century has drastically changed across the world with a focus on producing a teacher with adequate skills and knowledge in developing and using online educational resources for effective learning. This exploratory qualitative study aimed to explore the Bachelor of Science with Education student teachers ’ experiences in developing multimedia educational resources for online learning. The study specifically assessed student teachers ’ opinion of their experiences in using online educational resources and their challenges in developing online educational resources. Interviews were used to elicit insights from participants to achieve both objectives. Nine participants were purposively selected from the subjects of specialisation being undertaken. The findings of the study revealed student-teachers’ enthusiasm, commitment, creativity and innovativeness in connection with developing online educational resources. The major challenges were the limited skills among student teachers in creating animated videos and assessment of online learning activities. The study recommends that institutions of higher learning should establish a harmonised and comprehensive competence framework and provide adequate time for skilling student teachers in developing online educational resources in order to produce a holistic 21st century teacher.

PAGES:106 – 115  |