E-ISSN: 2958-5473 | P-ISSN: 1813-2243
DOI No: 10.58653
Vol. 11, Issue 1, 2024
Towards Sustainable Educational Management: A Best Practice Model for Digital Assessments in Higher Institutions of Learning in Uganda




This study was conducted in institutions of higher learning from different regions of the country. The participants included students, academic staff and technical staff. Numerous digital assessment-related challenges experienced during the Covid-19 were identified such as the slow Learning Management System (LMS), and failure to access the digital assessment system, among others. Data was collected through closed-ended questionnaires and interviews with key informants. Quantitative data was analysed descriptively using R, whereas qualitative data was analysed using Amos. Reliability and validity of the questionnaire were tested by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient and Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) test, respectively. The results were ranked based on the challenges that appeared most frequently to the least presented. A best practice model is presented with guidelines and measures for achieving successful administration of digital assessments for all stakeholders in the education ecosystem. It is anticipated that the successful adoption and implementation of the model will lead to effective and sustainable education management. Design science, an artefact-based methodology, was used to support the design of the model. The design followed design science-recommended steps. The model is, however, yet to be validated among the body of experts

PAGES:143 – 166  |